How do I get started?

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Do you offer recycling?

Yes. You can select this option while setting up garbage pickup service for an extra $7 per month.

Would you consider expanding your service area?

If you live in Horry County, SC we will consider serving your neighborhood. Please contact us at (843) 471-0776 to let us know about the demand in your neighborhood.

Does the pick up schedule change on holidays?

Yes, it is delayed. The following holidays will affect collection: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Is their a type of garbage you won’t pick up?

Yes, refuse not permitted at pick-up: car parts, tires, batteries, building supplies, contaminant, oils, gas & paint, etc.

Will you pick up construction materials?

We will haul carpet, construction debris, wood, and roofing for a separate fee. (CANNOT BE HAULED WITH GARBAGE)

Do I get refunded if I cancel my services?

While you may cancel your services at any time. We do not refund any orders for cancellation.

Why wasn’t my garbage taken out on my scheduled date?

Please give us 24 hours to get your cans. If we haven’t came on your assigned day, it doesn’t mean we won’t be there. There may have been an unexpected delay.