Our Package Price

The garbage pickup services are all in a package price of $25.00 per month plus surcharge $4.89. This price is for a 96 gallon cart (garbage can) with no more than 2 extra bags. If you have additional garbage, you must arrange for it to picked up via phone or email. There will be an additional charge. All garbage needs to be bagged and placed out the night before pick up. If the cart (garbage can) is not set out and you are not subscribed to the backdoor service, your garbage WILL NOT be picked up.

You may pay for your services monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. There is a $75.00 start-up fee (non-refundable).

There is a $35.00 fee to return to your location if your trash was missed because of your trash can not being out.

Annual Payment Plan

If you elected to pay annually, the package price for monthly is $21.22 plus surcharge $4.25 The total garbage price for the year is $254.64 plus the year surcharge $50.94 equaling a total of $305.58 a year.

Semi-Annual Payment Plan

The second plan is semiannually for a monthly cost is $22.75 plus surcharge $4.50. You pay 2 payments of $136.50 plus $26.97 equaling a total of $163.47 for the six month period.

Quarterly Payment Plan

The third plan is quarterly for a monthly cost is $23.75 plus surcharge $4.70. You pay 4 payments of $71.25 plus $14.10 equaling a total of $85.35 paid quarterly.

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Garbage Can Rental

If a can is needed, you may rent one at the cost of $4.00 per month. The prices listed above do not include garbage can rental.

Trash Can

Late Payments And Fees

Payments are due by your due date. Payments are considered late 10 days after the due date.

There will be a $5 late fee added at the point. If payment is not paid after first last notice and fee your service will be terminated and cart picked up.

Back-Door Service

We will also provide a back door service for a fee of $10.00 a Month.  Please have pets on leash and garbage cart in a designated place.


As we all know recycling is important to our environment and the next generation. We here at G G & G want to share in both our environment and the next generation by providing our customers an opportunity to recycle at a very affordable price of $7.00 per month.