Special Requests

Call us to schedule for any special requests. (843) 471-0776

Back-Door Service

We will also provide a back door service for a fee of $10.00 a Month. Please have pets on leash and garbage cart in a designated place. NOTE: If you do NOT have backdoor service and we pick up your garbage two times at your backdoor, you will be charged the $10 upon the third time we pick up your trash.

Yard Debris Removal

We will provide a yard debris removal service twice a month for a fee of $10.00 a Month. Your yard debris should consist of clippings or shrubby which should be in plastic lawn bags weighing no more than 20 pounds when filled. Tree trimmings (small branches) tied in bundles not more than two feet in diameter and four feet in length. You may also dispose of small pieces of wood. Your empty plastic shrubbery pots large or small may be disposed of along with your regular household garbage.

Garbage Cans

Cardboard Boxes

This is handled as part of our regular trash pickup. Please keep cardboard boxes separate from your household garbage. Please break down the boxes and tie in bundles. We pray this system works for all of us, and again we thank you for allowing us to serve you.


As we all know recycling is important to our environment and the next generation. We here at G G & G want to share in both our environment and the next generation by providing our customers an opportunity to recycle at a very affordable price of $7.00 per month. For more information on the rules of recycling, please visit this link.